Darlene will facilitate a keynote or workshop, and act as a catalyst for stimulating and assessing progress with follow-up activities.


The Silent Entrepreneur Keynote

Who is the best leader, an introvert or an extrovert? There is debate about entrepreneurship’s best personality type in business circles: extroversion or introversion. Discover your authentic leadership style & protect a healthy self-concept of yourself as an introvert. I built my self-esteem as a leader using this process. Now I live and run my businesses according to what’s important to me and not others’ expectations.


Double Duty: Mastering Marriage and Business Meetings Under One Roof!

Are you and your partner struggling to balance the demands of work and home under one roof? Our workshop, "Double Duty: Mastering Marriage and Business Meetings Under One Roof!" is designed for entrepreneurial couples who live and work together. We understand that juggling professional responsibilities with personal ones can be challenging, so we have created this tailored program.