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The Silent Entrepreneur eBook

The Silent Entrepreneur eBook

The Silent Entrepreneur eBook



Who is the best leader, an introvert or an extrovert?

With celebrity entrepreneurship at an all-time high, it is easy to consider extroverts the most promising entrepreneurs, especially in today’s social media age. However, introverts as leaders often are misunderstood and undervalued. Many interpret their lack of attention as not having ambition, inability to connect, or even leading people.

It is exhausting to force yourself to be different from your “natural” way of being. Yet, how many of us have tried to make ourselves more extroverted – and for what? Because we think that is what our team, fellow entrepreneurial peers, expect or desire?

Being an introvert and an entrepreneur comes down to being your authentic self. This book will lead you on a step-by-step journey to true, freeing authenticity through reflection, clarification, courage, self-acceptance, and love. Without a strong sense of self, you cannot lead your business to new heights.

Get the most out of this book:

This book is sequential. It’s vital that you start at the beginning, read the chapters, and do the lessons in order, without skipping any.

Take the time to practice the action tips that you find in each chapter. Some of these tips are things to reflect on, and some are ideas to try out. Would you mind keeping an open mind and trying them all?

Remember, the work of creating the real authentic, introverted you only comes with you educating yourself and then re-wiring yourself to accept this new you.


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