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Mom Guilt: Let It Go

Working and stay-at-home moms can struggle with guilt for various reasons. From feeling like roles within the family aren't adequately addressed to feeling guilty about not spending enough time with children or spouses, working and stay-at-home moms can feel inadequate. This guilt often stems from societal expectations that women should be able to balance their family and career roles perfectly. It is often impossible to do so without sacrificing one area of your life.

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Self-Parenting as an Adult 101: How to Learn Self-Love

Many entrepreneurs struggle with a lack of self-love. This can be due to high levels of stress, anxiety, or fear of failure, which causes them to question their abilities and push themselves too hard. This lack of self-love can damage an entrepreneur's mental and physical health, leading to burnout or unhealthy habits such as overeating or drug abuse. Entrepreneurs need to practice self-care to empower them in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

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3A’s of Entrepreneurship

Three entrepreneurial traits make up the actual DNA of an entrepreneur's ability to scale and grow their business. We call these the 3A's of Entrepreneurship: Attitude, Ability, and Aspiration. Developing these three traits builds confidence and gives you the tools to take the goal in mind for your business (and life) and make it a reality. You'll go nowhere fast if you don't know where you're heading. It's a lot like getting in a car and expecting to get somewhere without a destination. We will dive into the details of these traits needed to succeed. We will help you rid yourself of "imposter syndrome" and develop a concrete action plan to explore your business goals in-depth, plan for roadblocks, and master the best practices of entrepreneurs; and how to stay on course to reach your milestones.

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Vision-Questing for Success: An Inspiring Guide to Unlocking Your Inner Vision!

Visualization is the very beginning of creation. Think about it. Human beings are such amazing creatures. From the beginning of time, everything we've created came about because someone somewhere visualized an object in answer to a need. This was closely followed by someone imagining how to make this object and put it to use. Without visualization, nothing would have ever been created in the first place.

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Bully Proof Your Children (What to do if the Bully is Yours)

Bullying is a severe problem that affects children of all ages. As parents, it's essential to be aware of the signs of bullying and know how to help your child if they are being bullied. Join us for a webinar on how to bully-proof your child. We'll discuss strategies for recognizing the signs of bullying, how to talk to your child about it, and what you can do if they are bullied. We'll also provide resources and support for parents who want to take action against bullying in their community. With the right tools and information, you can help create a safe environment for your child and ensure they have the skills to stand up against bullies.

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Business Partners or Soulmates?

Are you wondering whether getting married and working together is a good idea? Join us for a webinar about deciding to be married and working together. We'll discuss the benefits and challenges of the decision and help you develop strategies to ensure your relationship remains healthy even when working long hours. We'll also provide resources on creating boundaries in your home life, respecting each other's professional goals, and keeping communication open. With the proper planning and insight, finding harmony between being married and working together is possible - join us for tips on how to make it happen!

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Co-Piloting Your Dream: How Couple Entrepreneurs Can Run a Profitable Business

Working together as a couple can be rewarding and fulfilling, but it also poses unique challenges. The line between work and life can quickly become blurred when working with your partner, leading to resentment or feelings of being taken for granted. Couples may be overwhelmed by the demands of running a business together or having difficulty setting and enforcing boundaries. Additionally, when couples struggle to achieve their career goals while managing the relationship simultaneously, there is potential for increased stress levels and conflict.

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