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Thus, a 360-degree view of entrepreneurs’ life includes the past, present, and future. We learn from the past to better understand the present and make better decisions moving into the future. Tips, tools, and resources we create via social media posts, vlogs, blogs, ebooks, and other content resources, should feed into the entrepreneur’s self-reflection. It should help them overcome problems that challenge their relationships or business and support optimal decisions to improve their future.

The Past

Presenting a view of the past means providing a meaningful and easily digested view of the entrepreneur’s history. Unfortunately, entrepreneurs forget to reflect on their achievements. Instead, you find they are critical of their mistakes and tend to focus on their “failures.” Our role is to assist the entrepreneur in reflecting, acknowledging their strengths, and viewing their “failures” as opportunities to improve.

The Present

Our thoughts are compelling. Therefore, by changing how we think about our lives and circumstances, we can almost instantly alter the course of our lives. But, how do we help an entrepreneur do this?

How do we get them started? One way is to address unhelpful thinking styles and significantly influence how they interpret the world around them. The tools they need are best practices, experience sharing, and a list of experts to help them control their thoughts and make better decisions.

The 360 Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur who takes a 360-degree view of their lives is what we call a 360-Entrepreneur. There can never be an end to analyzing one’s life; failing to live life intentionally is the ultimate sin. Entrepreneurs must see they have a higher calling than any other individual in business and society. When small business represents 50% of the USA’s GDP and 40% of Canada’s GDP, an entrepreneur’s decisions affect many.

My passion is to rid entrepreneurs of their ongoing guilt or what we call “imposter syndrome.” We will challenge them not to be a victim but become victorious over their challenges and obstacles. We will give them the tools they need to become more conscious humans, business owners, parents, community leaders, and citizens.

Darlene believes entrepreneurs must see they have a higher calling than any other individual in business and society.

Some Interesting Details

Entrepreneurs Worldwide
Entrepreneurs have only a high school degree.
Entrepreneurs who start a business are between the ages of 41 and 56.


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