Denis and Darlene Gagnon

Leaving corporate America was a risk worth taking, and over a decade later, Darlene ventured to start her own business. She took a step of faith to begin using her marketing expertise to help business owners build their own companies’ brand presence.

As a mother of five, she had big visions of her kids being a part of her business by this time. While this did not come to fruition, Darlene learned the serious “business” of a “family” business.

Darlene Gagnon is an award-winning entrepreneur recognized by the National Association of Women Business Owners and Enterprising Women as an Inspirational Entrepreneur. She served on the board of directors for Entrepreneurs’ Organization and has mentored entrepreneurs and start-ups for over a decade.

Her two companies, WeKinnect Global Branding Agency, and Kinetic Promotional Product Services have been recognized as “Best Places to Work” and “Largest Agency” by American City Business Journal. Both companies serve the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia markets. Most recently induction to the $1 million dollar club with industry leader iPROMOTEu.

In 2016, her husband became a business partner Denis Gagnon, a French-Canadian Air Force veteran. The couple’s dynamic partnership has led to business expansion and involvement in philanthropic activities. Exemplifying their passion for supporting the local entrepreneur and protecting local communities.

Darlene’s passion is to rid entrepreneurs of their ongoing guilt or what we call “imposter syndrome.” Her new “360-Entrepreneur” Learning Series will teach entrepreneurs how to learn from the past to better the present. Then make better decisions moving into the future.

She is devoted to giving business owners the tools they need to become more conscious humans, business owners, parents, community leaders, and citizens.

Darlene believes entrepreneurs must see they have a higher calling than any other individual in business and society.

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Entrepreneurs who start a business are between the ages of 41 and 56.


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